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Scientific Research Achievements

Recently, Yunnan Xincheng Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xincheng Technology") obtained the notice of utility model patent right granted by the State Intellectual Property Office, which is another self-developed patent obtained by Xincheng Technology - fluorocarbon membrane waterproof material, Xincheng Technology has formed an innovative concept of "fine breakthrough and one step ahead" in product innovation and research and development. Starting from customers, according to the actual market conditions, to develop products with excellent performance to meet market demand, so that product performance is higher than the standard of peers, ahead of competitors.

It is necessary to proceed from "iterative research and development" to form a technological innovation rhythm of "production generation, research and development generation, and training generation", and form a scientific innovation management method that conforms to its own development in the process of continuous iteration.

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