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Building Wterproof

In order to avoid the harm of water to the building, the overall defensive measures are used to prevent rainwater, snow water, groundwater infiltration and moisture, steam and other harmful gases and liquids in the air from eroding the waterproof materials of the building, and the overall waterproofing system of Xincheng is the highest standard for building waterproofing. Xincheng overall waterproofing is the composite use of coils, coatings, node sealing materials three kinds of materials of the construction method; from the overall waterproof scheme planning to the overall waterproofing method setting, and then to the details and node processing and other requirements of the overall unification, and even a patch all reach an overall unified standard, to ensure the construction quality first, truly do not leak. The overall realization of the overall bonding of the three-dimensional structure of the point, surface and body, no leakage, no trace, no dead angle.