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On December 5 2017, a fire protection Knowledge lecture was held.

On December 13 2017, the expert group of Chinese Construction Association Certification Center conducted the annual audit of the ISO system in Xincheng Waterproof Company.

On October 1 2017, Xincheng Waterproof company celebrated the 68th birthday of the great motherland.

The charity night of public welfare activities for left-behind children

On June 3 2017, we officially settled in Aosidi building materials headquarters of the demonstration base of Southeast Asia aosidi E-commerce Industrial Park.

From April 15 to April 16 2017, Chairman Huang Xinglong of Longxi Group led the core senior executive team to conduct a two-day investigation on Xincheng (waterproof) Group .

In October 2017, we were awarded the excellent enterprise of training on intellectual property in Jinning District of Kunming city by the Intellectual Property Office of Jining District.

On April 18 2017, the first council of Yunnan waterproof, anticorrosion and insulation Industry Association was successfully held in our company.

On September 15 2017, Jiangxi Shangrao direct sales store of Xincheng Waterproof company  opened for business officially.

party building On July 1----All the way forward to welcome July 1, party-mass activities to promote management

From August 26 to August 27 2017, the 3rd conference of science and technology development of private building materials Enterprises was held in the newly established Kaisheng Guobin Hotel in Baiyangdian, Xiongan New Area. Representatives of Xincheng Waterproof Company attended the meeting.

In November 2017 Study the spirit of 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

In November 2017we held the waterproof charity activities .

In December 2017a big party was held for the coming New Year, school-enterprise cooperation was made to draw a new chapter. We celebrated the New Year with teachers and students of building and construction college of Kunming University of Science and Technology.