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Article Provenance: Popularity:652 Publication Time:2022-03-30

In January 2020, the proposal of Jingzhou Chamber of Commerce in Kunming city on launching the donation for the pandemic.

The general Party branch of Xincheng Group donated more than 70,000 yuan to the pandemic area in Hubei Province to reduce the worries of the society and cheer for the pandemic area! 20201月  年会

in January 2020 annual meeting

in January 2020we cooperated with central enterprises, targeted poverty alleviation was commended, and Xincheng company will reach a higher level in the future.

In January 2020, Ruan Chengfa, Deputy Secretary and governor of the province, and other provincial leaders presented awards to the winners of the 8th "Yunnan Entrepreneurship Governor Award" , such as Liu Guanlin, Chairman of Xincheng Group, etc.

In 2020, we fight the epidemic.