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In November 2018, due to the needs of business expansion and the unified upgrade of Xincheng Group, the national service hotline was uniformly adjusted to 400-671 6678.

On August 20 2018, we participated in the 9th Yunnan International Building Energy Saving and Decoration Materials Exhibition

In November 2018, we were awarded Top 500 Building Materials Enterprises in China and Top 20 Building Waterproof Enterprises in China, which is issued by China Building Materials Enterprise Management Association.

On the evening of September 21 2018, Xincheng Group Mid-Autumn Festival activity was held in Chenggong University Town in Kunming city.

2019  New Year congratulations

On the afternoon of June 27 2018, leaders of the Organization Department of Hubei Gongan County Party Committee and the Party Committee of Hubei Chamber of Commerce in Yunnan province investigated and guided the Party building of the Party Branch of Xincheng waterproof company.

On July 26 2018, the 15th Staff Skills Competition of Yunnan province was held. Li Zaishen of Xincheng waterproof company made it to the national final on behalf of Yunnan province.

In September 2018, Waterproof charity event was held. 

In September 2018,  Li Zaishen of Xincheng waterproof company took part in the National Waterproof Skills Competition and made it to national final on behalf of Yunnan province.

Shangrao Branch in Jiangxi province has been opened for business.

In August 2018, Experts from Huayi Century company came to Xincheng Group to discuss the future development with the senior management groups. 

In April 2018, Xincheng Waterproof company awarded the Excellent employees at the team birthday activity.

In August 2018, in favor of the initiatives of Belt and Road, a large number of order products of Xincheng Waterproof company reached Cambodia directly.

In December 2018, Xincheng Scholarship encouraged outstanding students of Kunming University of Science and Technology to serve motherland, dance program of waterproof team acted in the New Year party of the building and construction college.

In October 2018, experts from Xincheng Group visited Kunming University of Science and Technology and gave lectures.

In August 2018, we celebrated for National Green Building Product Certification and EU CE certification of Xincheng waterproof company.

In December 2018, Yunnan Xincheng Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the "Advanced Tax Payment Enterprise" by the Party Committee and government of Jincheng Town, Jinning District, to commend the contribution made by Xincheng waterproof company to the country and society.

In November 2018, a birthday Party was held. Excellent staff feel like a master of the company. Team dance is really good. Members of Xincheng company are great in waterproof industry.

In November 2018, we held some waterproof enterprise public welfare activities, which has made selfless contribution to the society and people.

in January 2018, the annual meeting of the association was held. 

In October 2018, Birthday wishes was given on National Day. 

On November 15 2018, the Party Committee of Hubei Chamber of Commerce in Yunnan province organized a meeting to study the speech of the general secretary Xi Jinping at the symposium of private enterprises in the activity room of the Xincheng Waterproof company general party branch. 

In November 2018,  Xincheng General Party Branch voluntary blood donation team

The Yunnan Provincial Minister inspected the Dianchi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center.

In August 2018, entering Xincheng company —— the first issue of newspaper of Class 088 of BOSS Business School